Why orange introduction


... we are often asked. What kind of fad is it?

It's no fad: it stands for what we associate with EINKAUFART.

Why orange Bianca Kurpjoweit


represents love of life, joy and participation.

These characteristics fit perfectly to our corporate philosophy, because FASCINATION and taking much pleasure around the topics of procurement are in the foreground.


represents activity and the spirit of enterprise. According to EINKAUFSARTs slogan:

"Getting to work rather than just talking about it!"

Why orange Katrin R. Feldner


is constructive, inspiring, renewing and enhancing performance and creativity.

The color also promotes "letting go".

So, let us break down old structures and processes and let's raise business performance by introducing a new Procurement Management.


lifts the mood. When the work flow suddenly gets stuck within the grey daily routine, ORANGE helps us to relax and activates.


Moreover, ORANGES are delicious and you can do a lot with oranges. Give it a try:

Our good-temper-tip

Recipe smoothie